Peaceful water with slow currents gently ebbing and flowing.
A placid fish with undulating fins swims slowly across the screen.
Wooden sign nailed to the front of the fish tank.

CSS Fish Tank Dot Dev

Two strands of shimmering seaweed, one tall and one short, stand suspended slightly above the sand at the bottom of the tank.
A small snail with an impressively spiraled shell hangs out on the bottom of the tank, its horns waving in subtle welcome.
A group of two small rocks and one large rock sit next to the seaweed.
One large and one small stone anchor the bottom right side of the tank.

Project description: Why even make a fish tank?

It seemed fun!

Like a lot of frontend devs, my days consist mostly of making forms and lists accessible and aesthetically pleasing. I don't often get the chance to work with CSS animations or CSS art. This was a fun, calming way to learn some stuff and make something pretty. It was also fun to experiment with using CSS Grid as a complement/suplement for absolute positioning.

Cool, can I make a fish?

Yes! If you want to get into CSS art, or want to show off your skills, you're welcome to fork the GitHub repo and make a PR to contribute a fish.

Resources I used...